Sports Massage Therapy

After just a few sessions with Martin and learning some Foundation Training exercises from him my back and neck pain has improved and my shoulder has a greater range of movement. I am much more conscious of my posture, particularly when sitting at computer.

Deb (Civil Engineer and Grand Designer) Colwall

Foundation Training Instruction

After my first one hour class I was free from back pain for the first time in years. 

Deb (Civil Engineer and Grand Designer) Colwall

Running with Style Clinics


Indeed it was a very useful session and I felt the difference on Sunday


'Medal and shirt in the bag.'


Thanks for the email and videos. I enjoyed the session very much and have been working on the new technique and improving the flexibility of my hip flexors.

I had a 90 minute running technique session with Martin in January. With a marathon on the horizon in April and limited training time his immediate feedback and follow up assessment helped me to understand how run more efficiently and the adjustments I needed to make. Although the making significant changes to running style is never going to be an overnight project, improvements were noticeable almost immediately and his expertise played a huge part in helping me reach my sub 3 hour goal with minimal training. 

I would recommend his coaching sessions to anyone that is keen to go faster - the best thing a runner could spend money on.

Rob (Shrewsbury)

'I watched Martin coaching someone in my local park and was impressed by what I saw. So I approached him and arranged to have the 3 hour session. What great value. In just 3 hours I could feel a significant change in running style - I felt light , yet strong. Martin picked up on a number of stability and mobility issues that have been responsible for hampering my improvement. Martin has provided an exercise regime to strengthen and stabilise so that I can continue to improve. Oh, and I mustn't forget the warm-up session - excellent. As others have mentioned, Martin is extremely easy to work with, knowledgable and very structured and methodical - it is very clear that he has thought about and planned the session, rather than making it up as he goes along.'

Doreen (Shrewsbury)

I would recommend his coaching sessions to anyone that is keen to go faster - the best thing a runner could spend money on. what i liked about the session was the ....."Personalised approach and flexibility to focus on my aims and goals. I've completely changed my running style"
Rachel (Teacher)

Your advice was stellar (as ever), I was certainly landing on my heel, once I concentrated on landing on the front of my foot my shin pain went.

Tom (Computer Technical Consultant and novice runner) Wolverhampton

I was a track runner and Martin coached me for many years developing my skills until I eventually ran at national level. Now I am older I run for pleasure, but still refer to him for advice and guidance. He is passionate about running and related training methods and is a voracious reader on the subject. His incredibly wide knowledge means he has a range of tools to address personal running technique needs. This combined with his motivational personality means he can inspire your running. 
Whatever your ability Martin can help you improve you PB.

Claire (Mum and Runner) Jersey, Channel Islands

I had read a bit about different styles of running and came across Martin on the Internet. 
I booked a coaching session with him and found that my running style changed in just an hour's worth of work with him. He's a really good coach, very clear and very switched on to what you need to be doing to run more efficiently. 
As a result of the hour's training with Martin, I felt very light on my feet and I felt that it was a sustainable style that I could take away and practice. Martin is great to work with, very knowledgeable and very clear in what he wants his runners to do. Investing in good coaching like this is as important as buying new trainers and a gym membership.’

Julianne (Physiotherapist and marathon runner) Cheltenham. England.