Why you may need to improve your running style!

Many runners have never had any input into their running style, at some point in their lives they put on some trainers stepped out of the door and ran. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it is to be celebrated, there is no problem if you have natural good running style (form). However, over the years our bodies adapt to poor movement patterns and postures leading to poor running style, injuries and pain.

The potential benefits for you!

When we talk about running with style we are not talking about looking good when you are running but about moving more efficiently, more effectively, therefore with less chance of injury and with more economy.

More economy means long, faster runs; less injury means more running days.

Enjoy your running, run with style.

Run with style and run more efficiently

Running more efficiently means:

  • more speed for the same effort (faster times)
  • same speed for less effort (more time running)