Sports Massage Therapy

£35 One Hour Assessment & Treatment

Foam Rollering Workshop £5

Foundation Training Instruction 

2 hour Foundation Training and Roller Workshop: £45

Skype or FaceTime 8 x 30 minute sessions (£40 paid in advance) or £10 per session 

£35 One Hour Individual Instruction {Summer Special: two half hour Foundation Training sessions for £35 (only available for those with experience of FT)}

£65 Two Hour Introductory instruction for those who really want relief from pain and to improve their performance

Running with Style Clinics

£10 Taster Workshop: Running With Style: One Hour Group (5 or more) Session to Improve Your Running Efficiency and Reduce Running Injuries By Improving Your Running Style

£75 Video Analysis: Running With Style: One and Half Hour Video Analysis Clinic; Identify Errors and Faults in Your Running Style; That Impede Your Ability to Run Efficiently and Effortlessly; and That Increase Your Risk of Injury. 

£135 Full Video Analysis and Improvement Clinic: Running With Style: Three Hour Session to include Video Analysis; Corrective Interventions; Instruction in 'Rollering'; How to Use Resistance Bands to improve Hip, Knee and Ankle Stability; and Planning to Train and Race effectively.

£50 Follow On Coaching Sessions: Continue your improvement with fortnightly or monthly one and half hour coaching sessions. Keep motivated, develop an individual training plan that meets your personal needs and get telephone and web access to coaching input. Book and pay for 5-9 sessions 10% off; book and pay for 10+ sessions 15% off.